Hull New Theatre Stage Lighting

Hull New Theatre Stage Lighting


The project was to design a unique light show and stage for skyline studios which reflected their egyptian theme for the show.

We designed a pyramid stage which the performers could use to dance on, this comprised of nine pieces of lite deck built on different levels to give a pyramid effect ensuring all the dancers that were on stage could be seen.

We used our trussing systems to make a large triangle which was flown from the back of the stage and towers over the decking. This gave the outline look of a pyramid and was a unique way of being able to position lighting fixtures onto the truss.

To give the show the wow factor it deserved, we utilised intelligent lighting fixtures including our chauvet legend 300e beams which created fantastic razor sharp beam effects through the air. And used parcans to illuminate the entire venue with bright vibrant light, rigged to simulate the pyramid glowing like the sun.