Lighting Production

Here at Light 2 Sound FX We want to take a professional approach to lighting production.

Whether you’re a small or large band, school, theatre company etc we can offer you our very own unique approach to venue and event lighting / marquee / building up lighting.

We will work with you to produce the very best lighting to cater to your budget no matter how small or large that maybe, we will work with you on your event taking care of the complicated technical side.

It doesn’t matter if you do not know what you want, here at Light 2 Sound FX we will design a full lighting setup for you which promises to be unique and eye catching to impress your audience, to give them an exciting visual experience to compliment your choice of event.

We also offer something many other companies cannot. A full lighting rig which can be setup in our test space so you can see it live in person before it even comes to the venue. Giving you the confidence to know that what you will be getting at your event is what you want and the chance to change and work with our technicians to realise your visions in person. Which is a very unique and personal service.

Our lighting rigs and technicians are available to go on tour with your band/production to any venues in the u.k. 

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